Ending the Scourge of Fleas – Once and for All

get relief from fleas in your home with aaa exterminating in indianapolis indiana

 Do you see fleas jumping in your carpets? Or your puppy Daisy scratching behind her ear a little too much?

You might have a flea problem and we, at AAA exterminating, a pest control company in Indianapolis, IN, want to help you get it rid of it! You don’t need to live with these pesky pests forever; we want to help you arm yourself against fleas. Fleas can have devastating effects on your home—read on to learn how you can protect yourself and your loved ones. 

Unfortunately, Fleas are most active during the spring and summer months, which is why you may have noticed Daisy scratching non-stop! A flea’s life cycle is extremely fast, but they can lay up to 50 eggs a day…which is why you may feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle. 

But don’t worry! 

Learn all you need to know about fleas and most importantly, how you and Daisy can conquer them.

So How Do Fleas Affect You? 

Not only can fleas affect your health, but they can affect Daisy as well! Apart from causing itching in both you and your pets, they can: 

  • Transmit diseases to both animals and humans 
  • Cause severe discomfort 
  • Cause sore skin and hair loss in pets 

Fleas can also cause some unpleasant and even dangerous conditions like Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) and anemia. FAD is a disease that can cause severely itchy skin in pets. It is caused by the chemicals in fleas’ saliva. While FAD is usually harmless, it still causes discomfort in Little Rover. Anemia, on the other hand, can be fatal to pets if not treated properly. Anemia is caused by a large infestation of fleas on an animal. When the fleas drink too much blood, it can lead to anemia. Many pest control companies in Indianapolis, Indiana recommend that you treat your pets against fleas to avoid any illness caused by them, as well as an infestation. 

Where Do Fleas Like to Live?

keep your lawn short to avoid a flea infestation

So, you’ve noticed Daisy’s excessive scratching and now you are scratching your skin raw. You’re probably thinking to yourself where did this problem come from. Daisy is the easy one to blame! But, how do you know?. Ask yourself: “Does Daisy like to roll around in long grass?” “Does she dig around in overgrown areas of the garden?” If those answers are yes, that’s exactly where your problems started—outside. 

Fleas love anywhere that is: 

  • Warm 
  • Moist 
  • Humid 
  • Dark 

So, in this case, poor Daisy was the culprit!

Fleas love tall grass and overgrown areas in gardens. Fleas thrive in temperatures in the 70°- 80° range and do best in 70% humidity, making spring and summer the best times for them. 

Waking up at night in a fit of itchiness while Daisy scratches away next to you? Well, then the fleas have taken up residency in your home… 

But where exactly do Fleas live in your home? 

Much like outside, fleas gravitate toward warm and dark areas. If your house is infested with fleas, you will most likely find them in your: 

  • Carpet 
  • Curtains 
  • Clothes 
  • Bedding 

Fleas usually are anywhere your pet likes to play…which is most likely at your feet in your living room. Most pest control companies in Indianapolis, Indiana will recommend that you take some measures before we arrive for your appointment. We may ask you to vacuum your carpets several times, throw everything into the washing machine on the highest heat setting, trim your plants and gardens, and then mow your lawn regularly. After that, we can take it from there. 

Why Won’t the Fleas Go Away on Their Own? 

aaa exterminating in indianapolis indiana can control your flea infestation

Fleas will stay anywhere as long as they have a meal. Which, fortunately for us, humans are not the preferred meal. But if you’re a pet owner, you have a flea’s favorite snack. Fleas will try to snack on any warm-blooded animal, but they prefer hairy animals, making Sprinkles and Daisy at risk.

So what does this mean for my family?

If Daisy is not protected from fleas, then there is a chance that she might bring fleas into your home. Long grass and weeds give fleas the perfect hiding spot, so that they can pounce on your unsuspecting pooch when she goes outside to do her business. That’s why keeping your grass short is so important. It eliminates one more place for your pet to be exposed by fleas. Pest control companies in Indianapolis, Indiana recommend treating your pet and keeping your yard short and tidy. Taking these two steps can greatly decrease your risk of a flea infestation. 

How Can Pest Control Companies Help You? 

Now that you and Daisy are flea experts, what comes next? 

Good news, there are some measures that you can take yourself!

 You know where fleas love to live, so taking preventive measures can make a huge difference. Keeping your garden and lawn short and tidy can eliminate many places fleas live outside. If these preventive steps fail and fleas get into your home, there are some things you can do before calling pest control companies. 

First, wash:

  • Clothes
  • Bedding
  • Curtains 

Use a hot and dry setting on the washing machine to  kill the fleas living in those fabrics. 

Okay, so you mowed your lawn and washed all of your linens…now what?
If you are still scratching, get help! The life cycle of fleas is incredibly fast, and while the steps above can definitely help, sometimes a flea infestation is more than you can handle alone. Do not use over the counter products like foggers and flea bombs. These products are often ineffective and can be harmful. Call an expert like our team at AAA Exterminating in Indianapolis, IN.  They will work to eliminate the flea eggs and larvae, then the adults. The results can be immediate. Contact AAA at (317) 773-3797 for more information.