Ants Are Waking Up…Get Ready

prevent an ant infestation with aaa exterminating

When we think of hibernation, it’s hard not to picture fuzzy brown bears or bushy little squirrels, but we must remember, insects hibernate too! In particular—ants!  Ants will hibernate in the winter until they are able to regulate their body temperatures again, in which case they will become active in search of food and shelter. …

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Ending the Scourge of Fleas – Once and for All

see how aaa exterminating can treat your flea infestation

 Do you see fleas jumping in your carpets? Or your puppy Daisy scratching behind her ear a little too much? You might have a flea problem and we, at AAA exterminating, a pest control company in Indianapolis, IN, want to help you get it rid of it! You don’t need to live with these pesky…

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Do You Have a Roach Infestation…

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Winter is here and all seems still and calm. No annoying mosquitoes buzzing in our ears, no ants climbing across our counters, not even a fly to land on our baked goods! Just when we think we’re going to get a bug break, we begin to see them…everywhere. Cockroaches can be seen climbing through our…

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Where Do Spiders Go in the Winter?

prevent spiders this winter with aaa exterminating in indianapolis indiana

As the temperatures continue to drop and the sky grays, you prepare for the onslaught of winter by cozying up your home. Your home stands as a beacon of light against the bleak landscape—an inviting symbol for all those who see it…but just who are you attracting? Contrary to popular belief, spiders do not flee…

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What’s Scarier: Halloween or Cockroaches?

protect your home from pests this fall with aaa exterminating in indianapolis in

Spooky season is creeping around the corner! Slowly but surely, leaves are changing colors, temperatures are dropping ever so slightly, and your favorite horror films are back on T.V.  It’s the perfect time to grab your Halloween decor from the attic.  After unpacking a few boxes full of fall decorations, you come across the bright…

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Say Good Riddance to Pesky Rodents This Fall

stop mice from entering your home with aaa exterminating in indianapolis indiana

You walk into your bedroom to get ready for bed. Through your sleepy eyes, you think you see something run across the room. You stare at the spot for a while, but with no further activity, you decide that it was just your exhaustion playing a trick on you.  While standing in front of your…

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