Wasps Aren’t Welcome Here! 5 Tips to Prevent an Infestation from Indianapolis’s Top Pest Control Company

If you’re in Indianapolis, Indiana, and are dealing with an influx of wasps, you’re not alone! Wasps are a common problem for many homeowners throughout the city.  Luckily, the professionals at Indianapolis’s top pest control company can help you take preventative measures to ensure that wasps aren’t welcome in your home. AAA Exterminating Inc. has…

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To Swat or to Save?

safely remove your bee nest in indianapolis indiana

You’re out in the garden, sweat dripping down your face, dirt on your hands, when you hear that dangerous buzzing by your ear. A hint of yellow flits before your eyes then zips past your face.   As you begin hightailing it to the porch, you look back one last time to try to catch a…

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