Rodent Control

While many exterminating companies may lump mice and rats into one category, we realize that there are distinctive differences between the two—and those differences can be the key to successful rodent control.

Rodent Control Services in Indianapolis

Rodents infest millions of households per year in the United States. While mice and rats are often lumped into one broad category, we realize that distinguishing the differences between mice and rats is essential to successful elimination. After we have inspected the suspected area of your home or business, our pest control specialists will craft strategic rodent control services for the type of rodent infesting your home.

Mice Control

A single mouse can contain up to 200 human pathogens, making an infestation of mice a significant threat to the well-being of your home or business. By identifying mice at the source, our skilled exterminators can thwart all threat of danger and disease posed by mice.

Identifying and Eliminating Mice

Though mice vary in species, they all have similar traits that differentiate them from rats. Mice are small, ranging from 5-10 inches in size, while their ears are much larger in comparison to their body. Mice have a long, thin tail, and large eyes. The presence of mice may be slightly less startling than their rat counterpart, but this doesn’t make them any less of a threat to your home or business.

Even though your home or business may be squeaky clean, mice still present a significant threat. Fortunately, the team at AAA Exterminating possesses the tools and knowledge needed to oust a mice infestation at the source.

Rat Control

Rats can reach a length of 40 cm and have a thick tail, large eyes, and a pointed nose. The most common species of rats found in Indiana are the roof rat and the Norway rat. Properly identifying the species of rat invading your home facilitates successful elimination. Norway rats have much smaller eyes and ears than the roof rat, while the roof rat is slicker and thinner in comparison to the Norway rat.

Expelling all traces of existing rat requires a process of inspection, identification, elimination, and prevention. AAA Exterminating can protect your business from the threat of rodent activity with our quality exterminator services.

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