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Bed Bugs


Bed bugs have been around for thousands of years, with the earliest written records dating back to Ancient Egypt. It is believed that bed bugs were transported to Europe through trade routes during the Middle Ages, and their prevalence increased as people moved from rural to urban areas. In the 18th century, bed bugs were a common problem in Europe and America and were seen as an accepted part of everyday life.

Contact AAA Exterminating to help keep Bed Bugs out of your everyday life.

find out want a unfed bed bug looks like and more in the aaa exterminating indianapolis pest library
aaa exterminating indianapolis guides you on what to look for when identifying pests

What to Look For

What to Look For

Look out for small black or red spots on sheets, mattresses, or other fabrics. You may also see dead bed bugs, shed skin, or their eggs. Their bites appear as raised bumps with a red center, and the skin appears pale surrounding them.

aaa exterminating indianapolis guides you on what to do for after you have identified pests in your home
What to Do

What to Do

Wash any nearby fabrics and dry them in a dryer. The heat will kill them. Also use a vacuum as much as possible. Contact an exterminator immediately. They are very difficult to remove once they've taken up residence in your home.

aaa exterminating indianapolis has tip on how to prevent a pest problem in your home
How to Prevent

How to Prevent

Be careful bringing new clothing and upholstered furniture into your home. Make sure to thoroughly wash, vacuum, etc. things you bring home. Vacuum regularly and wash fabrics and dry with heat, which kills the bugs and their eggs.

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AAA Exterminating uses the Thermal Remediation® from TEMP-AIR® patented process to eliminate bed bug infestation from your home or business. Our dedicated Indianapolis pest exterminators will craft a customized pest management plan that meets your specific needs.


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