Prevent Holiday Bed Bug Infestations

aaa exterminating in indianapolis indiana can help you prevent bed bugs

As the holiday season approaches, we all try to spread a little extra cheer. Whether that’s through gift giving, spending time with family, or paying it forward! 

But could we also be spreading something else…? 

How about bed bugs?

Okay, we know that wasn’t your first guess, but as the holiday season ramps up, pest control companies in Indianapolis see a rise in bed bug infestations! Even with holiday traveling kept at a minimum this year, bed bugs can still find their way into your home, so let AAA Exterminating help! 

With over 65 years of experience, AAA has seen a thing or two about bed bugs and can help with prevention! Follow the tips below to keep your home protected this holiday season.

Your Home Is Not Dirty, Relax! 

The first reaction to finding bed bugs in your home is often to panic. Thoughts start to race like “Am I not cleaning enough,” “Did I wait too long to take the trash out,” “Are they coming in from the outside…?”

Well rest assured, your home is not dirty!

The only way to get bed bugs is to bring them home with you from somewhere else. Perhaps you stayed in a hotel on the way down to your in-laws or slept over at a friend’s? 

Even some of the fanciest hotels can be susceptible to infestation! So now that we cleared up that it’s not you, let’s talk about prevention!

Don’t Set Your Bags Down 

aaa provides bed bug extermination in indianapolis and surrounding areas

When you first arrive at a hotel, it may be tempting to throw your bags on the bed and lay down, but don’t do this! Before setting your bags down, check for bed bugs first! 

When looking for bed bugs, check for:

  1. Red stains on bedding. This can either indicate crushed bed bugs, or excrement left behind from these bugs. 
  2. Molted skin! Trust us, we know that’s disgusting! Bed bugs shed their exoskeletons as they mature and leave behind light yellow shells. These shells measure about 1mm in length.
  3. A strong, musty smell. Let’s say you plop down on the bed right away and smell a weird, musty odor…that could be bed bugs! Bed bugs unleash pheromones when they communicate with each other and these pheromones tend to have a strong, unpleasant smell. 

If you find any of these warning signs, make sure to pick your bags up off the floor immediately. Bed bugs can crawl into your bags and be transported home with you!

Is This Razor Burn?

So you’ve been staying at this hotel for 3 days now and you noticed something weird… 

When you were in the shower, you saw what looked like razor burn covering your arms and legs. As you took a closer look, you saw clusters of red, itchy bites. Uh-oh. 

Bed Bug bites tend to cluster in bunches or spread out in a straight line. These bugs also tend to bite where skin is the thinnest, like around the groin area. If you notice these bumps on your body, it may be an indication of a bed bug infestation. 

Dry Those Clothes

always wash your clothes after a trip to prevent getting bed bugs

When returning from a trip, don’t let those clothes in your bag sit! 

You should place all garments from your bags into a dryer and let the machine run on high for about 15 minutes. This will ensure that any bed bugs that may have nestled into your clothes will be killed. 

You should also change clothes right away and wash the garments you were wearing to ensure no bed bugs will enter your bedroom area. 

Call a Pest Control Company in Indianapolis, Indiana

Okay, you didn’t get a chance to read the tips above when traveling and you think you may have a bed bug infestation…don’t worry—AAA Exterminating is here to help!

AAA uses thermal remediation to safely kill bed bugs while protecting the furniture in your room! For more information on our bed bug extermination services, call (317) 773-3797