Your Cozy Home – Great for Pests

prevent mice infestations with aaa exterminating in indianapolis indiana

We’ve all seen the cute, iconic archway on TV shows where the little mouse pops his head through the trim work and skitters across the floor to snack on a perfectly symmetrical wedge of yellow cheese. Well, it’s cute on TV, anyway. If you catch a glimpse of this scene in your home, however, it…

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Prevent Holiday Bed Bug Infestations

protect yourself from bed bugs with aaa exterminating in indianapolis indiana

As the holiday season approaches, we all try to spread a little extra cheer. Whether that’s through gift giving, spending time with family, or paying it forward!  But could we also be spreading something else…?  How about bed bugs? Okay, we know that wasn’t your first guess, but as the holiday season ramps up, pest…

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Prevent Mice Infestations in Indianapolis

prevent rodent infestations with these helpful tips from aaa exterminating

Thanksgiving day is here, and let me tell you, you are ready to shine.  Since it’s your first time hosting in your new home, everything must be perfect (Aunt Geraldine will have nothing to pick at this year)! As the minutes tick down to go-time, you run through your list one more time.  Turkey—in the…

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Tips for Keeping Your Pumpkins Fresh This Halloween

protect your pumpkins this fall with aaa exterminating

As you drive through your neighborhood on the way to work, you’re met with an old, familiar fall sight—pumpkins. Pumpkins as far as the eye can see!  From the typical smiling face with the triangle eyes, to the intricate, spooky designs, you get to see a broad mixture of creativity and talent…and decay.  The more…

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Say Goodbye to Stink Bugs in Your Home

protect your indianapolis home this fall from stink bugs

You know that feeling when you step outside and take a breath of fresh air and it feels…crisp? Welcome back to the fall season! With fall comes many of the things we love! Cooler weather, pumpkin patches, apple picking, and the return of stink bugs invading our homes… Wait, what? If you live in Indiana,…

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The Wonderful World of Spider Webs

learn more about spider webs with aaa exterminating in indianapolis

You watch the light glint from thread to thread as you adjust your position. Your hand sweats as you clutch the dust mop—poised and ready to strike. As your eyes dart over the configuration, you check to see if your “little friend” is home.  Alright, the spider is gone—MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!  Right before you demolish…

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To Swat or to Save?

safely remove your bee nest in indianapolis indiana

You’re out in the garden, sweat dripping down your face, dirt on your hands, when you hear that dangerous buzzing by your ear. A hint of yellow flits before your eyes then zips past your face.   As you begin hightailing it to the porch, you look back one last time to try to catch a…

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Ending the Scourge of Fleas – Once and for All

see how aaa exterminating can treat your flea infestation

 Do you see fleas jumping in your carpets? Or your puppy Daisy scratching behind her ear a little too much? You might have a flea problem and we, at AAA exterminating, a pest control company in Indianapolis, IN, want to help you get it rid of it! You don’t need to live with these pesky…

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Where Do Ants Come From & How to Get Rid of Them…

protect your home from ants this summer with aaa exterminating in indianapolis indiana

As ants stream across our counters, march along our floors, and mosey about our bathrooms, it’s hard not to visualize them as little tourists—and our home is the grand destination. But with all tourists, they tend to overstay their welcome…so how do we prevent them in the first place? Join AAA Exterminating, a pest control…

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