Bugs Don’t Fly South for the Winter

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You’re home for the holidays and guess what…so are bugs.

The trees are bare, there is snow on the ground, and life seems to be still—does that mean we can forget about pest control until the summer? The answer many of us are hoping for is “yes,” but unfortunately, the threat of a pest infestation is still very real.

So how will you know if you have a pest infestation this winter, and how can you avoid these unwanted guests? Join AAA Exterminating—a pest control company in Indianapolis, Indiana with over 65 years of experience—as we detail what to watch out for and how to prevent these common pests. 

Tell-Tale Signs of a Winter Pest Infestation

1. Rodent Droppings 

Mice and rats are common winter pests, because they seek the warmth of your home to escape harsh, outdoor conditions. A good indication of a rodent infestation is the droppings that they leave. Rodent droppings are typically pellet-shaped, ¼ inch in length, and are typically black or dark brown. If you discover gnawed food containers or hear scratching or squeaking noises within your walls, you most likely have a rat or mouse in your home.

2. Abandoned Spider Web

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If you see an increase of spider webs within your home or on the shrubbery around your house, you could possibly have a spider infestation. Spiders could be hatching close to the foundation of your home and then migrating into your house from small outer cracks or improperly sealed windows. If you discover small, silken pouches in less trafficked areas of your home like storage areas or below sinks, these could be spider eggs, which could indicate a larger infestation. 

3. Carpenter Ants

Ants…in the winter?

Unbeknownst to many people, carpenter ants often remain dormant within lightly-populated areas of our homes like attics and basements. When spring approaches, these pests become active and begin their search for food and other areas of shelter.

So We Know What to Look For, but How Do We Prevent These Pests?

When it comes to preventing a pest infestation, it may seem like an inevitable problem, but you can take a number of precautionary steps to help protect your home this winter season.

#1 Seal up Cracks and Secure Windows

To escape the harsh conditions of winter, many pests, including mice and rats, find their way into homes through window gaps and small cracks on the outer wall of your home. To avoid these pests from sneaking in, gaps and cracks should be patched and filled. Window cracks and gaps can be secured with caulk and foam backer rods or foam caulk.  

Cracks to the outer walls of your home can be filled with polyurethane, silicone, or latex concrete caulk. In addition to patching windows and outer walls, it may be wise to add door bottom sweeps to exterior doors to stop insects from accessing your home.

#2 Store Firewood Away from Your Home

seal your home up with tips from aaa exterminating to prevent winter pest infestations

Firewood should be stored at least twenty feet away from your home. By keeping this distance, it can stop mice and ants who commonly nest in wood piles from gaining easy access into your home.

#3 Store Food Properly 

By cutting off their food supply, common pests like roaches and ants will have to look elsewhere for a meal. Taking out your trash regularly and storing food in tightly-sealed containers can help deter hungry pests. You should also store food right after eating a meal and make sure to wipe down counters after cooking.

#4 Eliminate Sources of Moisture

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Insects are attracted to water sources, which is why they are often found under bathroom and kitchen sinks, near drains, and in damp crawlspaces. These moist areas also attract their predators like spiders looking for a meal.

To prevent these pests, leaky pipes should be repaired, clogged drains should be snaked, and areas like crawlspaces should be regularly cleaned and dusted to discourage pests from creating nests.

#5 Contact a Pest Control Company in Indianapolis, Indiana

If you already have a pest infestation, or if you want to take preventative steps this winter season, a pest control company should be contacted. A professional company can inspect your home and lay down proper barriers to both treat and prevent infestations. 

For help with your pest control, contact AAA Exterminating. AAA Exterminating has over 65 years of pest control experience and will be happy to provide you with a free estimate.