Sleeping with the Enemy

Imagine this –

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You settle into bed preparing yourself for a well-deserved rest after a long day of wrestling the kids and rushing around work. You think to yourself, “Well, at least I have the night to recuperate.” It’s to this thought that you fall asleep. When you wake up the next morning, you find yourself itching with red spots all over you. This can’t be chicken pox right? No, no, you had chickenpox as a kid, and they didn’t exactly look like this either. All of a sudden, a horrendous thought pops into your mind. You leap out of bed and rip off your sheets, peeling back the mattress you gasp as you reveal an infestation of tiny black bugs. Immediately, you rush to the kitchen for the bug spray and mercilessly spray at the pests. Unfortunately, that won’t get the job done. You need the help of pest control experts to ensure these bugs are removed efficiently and safely from your home.

The Horror of Bed Bugs

Waking up to a circumstance such as the one described above is not exactly pleasant. Bed bugscause red, itchy bites that physically irritate humans. Even though they are not known to transmit disease, they can cause other issues.

Numbers are Increasing?!

Especially recently, this problem has become more impactful due to the increase in bed bugs. Professionals in the US believe this is due to the increase in travel, poor treatment methods, and the pests’ resistance to sprays. In fact, many people may think this is a different type of pest, purchasing the wrong type of treatment and thus failing to kill off the pest. For this reason, proper identification is crucial for treatment!

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Depending on where you are located, bed bug species may look a bit different; however, here is an image that represents the life stages of a bed bug. As you can see, the pest drastically changes throughout its life cycle.

Fighting the Problem

The earlier you find the bed bug issue, the better! It is much easier to tackle the point when it is just starting out compared to when the bed bugs are multiplying. It is also cheaper to treat a smaller infestation. Even though this all seems very obvious, the tricky part is finding the outbreak. People often tell themselves that having bed bugs is something that only happens in dirty households or big cities. This is not true. Bed bugs can be found in any location that humans frequent. Movie theaters, retail stores, hotel rooms—you name it, and bed bugs can probably live there. In addition to this, pests like carpet beetles can cause you to confuse bed bugs for something they’re not. That means the fight against these pests can get complicated as you struggle to identify the correct strategy to tackle them. Even their bites can be mistaken for other bug bites. In fact, some people don’t react to the bites at all.

The Road to Being Pest-Free

It is best to hire a professional when you suspect that you have a bed bug infestation. We can adequately identify these pests, so you don’t have to go through all the guesswork. Save your time, effort, and money by contacting AAA Exterminating for pest control in Central Indiana! Implementing our Thermal Heat Remediation treatment your home will be pest-free in a jiffy!

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