Wheel Bug

come face to face with the wheel bug in the aaa exterminating pest library

Though they may not look or be as friendly as ladybugs—in fact they are quite brutal hunters—wheel bugs are just as beneficial. These insects are some of the larger terrestrial bugs in North America, and they eat many of the most common garden and crop pests. They hide as much as possible in dark or…

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Plant Hopper

there is more to discover about the plant hopper in the aaa exterminating pest library

Covered in a mealy or waxy substance, planthoppers are known for their great leaping ability. They can range from 1-5 cm in length and come in a variety of colors and appearances, though most mimic some sort of foliage from their environments. These are not considered major pests and usually don’t cause damage to crops.

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the pentatomid is also known as the stink bug, as aaa exterminating explains in their pest library

Much more commonly referred to as stink bugs or shield bugs, these are a season-long pest in orchards. While some of these species are beneficial to crops and are predatory to other pests, the species in North America are among some of the most common pests around. The brown marmorated stink bug is common in…

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Miniature Pirate Bug

These bugs can deliver a painful bite to whomever they land on, making them despised by their victims. Pirate bugs are actually available for purchase as pest control and are considered beneficial. During the year they protect crops by eating pests that feed on plants, but come Fall, they start biting humans. While their bites…

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Leaf Hopper

aaa exterminating indianapolis offers great information about the leaf hopper in their pest library

Leafhoppers, adults and nymphs, feed off the sap of aboveground plants. Some are serious crop pests and others transmit plant pathogens. They can be found throughout North America, in some areas year-round and others seasonally. Protect your plants by consulting with your trusted local pest control company in Indianapolis, IN on how to tell whether…

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Leaf Footed Bug

Leaffooted Bugs are becoming increasingly common problems in gardens in the United States. They feed on fruits and seeds and especially are drawn to pomegranates and tomatoes. Outbreaks of these insects can cause large amounts of damage to gardens, especially the earlier in the season they arrive. Contact your local pest control company in Indianapolis,…

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Green Plant Hopper

call aaa exterminating indianapolis to take care of the green plant hopper if you encounter them

Also known as torpedo bugs, due to their fast jumping when they are disturbed, Green Planthoppers are an invasive species. They can be damaging to native trees and crops, with their secretions being a host for mold and fungus that kills plants. Make a call to your local pest control company to take care of…

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the cicada is just one of the many species you can discover in the aaa exterminating pest library

Known for their distinctive noise made by males for mating purposes, cicadas are easily identifiable insects across the globe. The North American species can live anywhere from 12-17 years and are often not harmful to people or property. However, during times when huge numbers of nymphs are being hatched, they occasionally cause damage to plants…

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learn more about the cercopidea in the aaa exterminating pest library

More popularly known as froghoppers due to their ability to jump great distances, Cercopidae are best known for their nymphs that emit foam as they feed on plants. While many of these species of nymphs cause little to no damage to plants and their foam they emit can deter other predators from feeding on these…

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Buffalo Tree Hopper

the pest library of aaa exterminating best summarizes the buffalo tree hopper

One of the few treehoppers that are pests, buffalo treehoppers can seriously damage fruit trees and young orchards. The bug gets its name from its resemblance to the American bison in shape, however, it is a bright green color to blend in with leaves. Those looking to protect their orchard from these pests should get…

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