Don’t Let Pests Bring Down Your Home This Fall

stop pests from invading your home this fall with aaa exterminating in indianapolis indiana

As summer draws closer to an end and the seasons slowly begin to change, there are other matters to be concerned about besides the hordes of leaves descending onto your lawn. There’s also a horde of pests looking for shelter from the lower temperatures. From stink bugs to rats, you’ll be in store for a long list of unwelcome guests if you don’t take the right precautions. With over a month of summer left, you have plenty of time to be proactive and take the measures to keep pests out—let AAA Exterminating,  a pest control company in Indianapolis, show you how!

What Pests Should I Expect on the Fall Guest List?

With the colder temperatures fall brings, you can expect a lot of unwelcome pests looking for shelter. These include but are not limited to:

Cockroaches – Who can’t survive frigid temperatures for long and prefer climates around the temperature of most homes. They also breed in homes, creating generational infestations quickly.

Rats/Mice – Slipping through cracks or gaps in anything from doors and windows to floorboards or borrowing and gnawing their way into your home, they are determined to find a nesting place for the winter.

Spiders – One of homeowners’ least favorite company to have over, spiders take shelter in your home not only to avoid the cold, but also to breed.

stop spiders from sheltering in your home this fall with a pest control company in indianapolis indiana

Stink Bugs – One of the more benign pests that can come into your home, stink bugs seek shelter for the winter. Sealing off holes in your home helps keep them out until spring eventually drives them outdoors again into the warmer weather. 

Ladybugs – Harmless to humans and beneficial to gardens, homeowners still don’t want corners of their house covered in ladybugs. Like stink bugs, the best way to avoid them is to have your house sealed off from tiny cracks or holes.·   Other Pests – Many other pests will be looking for shelter when cold weather arrives, such as cave crickets and pill bugs (otherwise known as rollie pollies). If these or any other unwanted visitors show up in droves this fall, you’ll be looking for pest control companies in Indianapolis quickly.

Where Do Pests Live in My Home?

pests often look for warm secluded areas like attics to make their home

Most pests will be looking for the warmest parts of your home to live in for the winter. Anywhere dark and secluded makes an excellent place for roaches, rodents, and spiders to live and produce offspring. Stink bugs and ladybugs can often be found in groups in corners of ceilings. In general, attics, basements, and crawlspaces make great environments for pests—which is why going through these areas and fixing any holes or gaps before fall is always a good idea. Pest control companies like AAA exterminating can help you identify where you need to bolster your defenses before pests decide to move in.

What Are Signs I Have a Pest Problem?

Signs of chewing and gnawing are the best ways to tell if you have a rodent problem, as well as hearing noises or smelling an unusual odor. Rats can chew through just about anything including cinder blocks, but wood seems to be a favorite. Unfortunately, these are some of the easiest pests to spot as they are large enough to make noise and be easily seen. 

For cockroaches and other smaller pests, you’ll have to look for droppings or eggs. Roaches also produce a musty, pungent odor that can be used for identification. With other pests mentioned like ladybugs and stink bugs, they generally can only be seen as they hibernate and don’t do much once they are inside the home.

Where Can I Get Help With Pests That Do Make It In?

If pests do make it in your home this fall, and you’re in the market for pest control companies, look to AAA Exterminating to help you out. Recipients of the 2018 Angie’s List Super Service Award, AAA has been serving the Indianapolis area for over 65 years and can take care of any pest-related problem you find yourself wrestling with. If you have any questions about how you can make your home pest-proof before this fall or have other pest control needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.