Don’t Let Mosquitoes Ruin Your Summer

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Mosquitoes. Nobody likes having their cookout interrupted by these uninvited guests or getting eaten alive while trying to enjoy fireworks with the family. 

Over 176 species of mosquitoes live in the United States—some of the worst of them are here in Indiana. Mosquitoes aren’t just a nuisance from late April through September, but they’re also a legitimate health concern as they spread disease. Here’s AAA Exterminating in Indianapolis, IN to let you know why you should call a pest control company before you’re overwhelmed this summer.

Where Can Mosquitoes Live?

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The most common type of mosquito in Indiana is the house mosquito. This species spreads many of the nasty diseases Hoosiers have come to fear—like the West Nile virus. 

House mosquitoes can also lay 200-300 eggs that can survive the winter and only need water to hatch once the weather warms up in late spring. Mosquitoes’ eggs and larvae can be found in any place with standing or stagnant water. This can include ditches, ponds, muddy areas, and slow-moving streams. Even hollow logs or knots in trees can be used to house their offspring.

Household items can end up providing great breeding grounds for mosquitoes as well. Flowerpots, tires, uncleaned gutters, and birdbaths are all popular places for them to lay their eggs. However, pest control companies in Indianapolis, IN have ways to counteract the spread of mosquitoes. From treating water with egg larvae to spraying infested areas to kill adult mosquitoes, mosquito extermination has drastically improved in recent years.

What Diseases Can Mosquitoes Carry?

pest control companies in indianapolis should be used to exterminate mosquitos because they carry serious diseases

The biggest reason we’ve come to hate mosquitoes is just how much of a bother they can be. Many outdoor occasions have been ruined by their bites, forcing everyone indoors or to leave completely. Many people aren’t aware of just how many serious diseases can be spread by bites and how dangerous these are to children and the elderly. 

Mosquitoes can even affect the health and well-being of your pets. Heartworm disease, one of the most common parasites in animals, is only spread through mosquito bites. In addition to West Nile, the Zika virus and different versions of encephalitis can be contracted by bites from an infected mosquito. These can result in birth defects and death of the individual in severe cases. Equine Encephalitis in particular is rare but extremely deadly. It can cause high fevers and paralysis in victims, killing horses and humans alike with a mortality rate anywhere from 70-90%.

What Can I Do to Prevent Mosquitoes?

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While most of the work to eradicate and prevent the spread of mosquitoes should be handled by pest control companies, there are some things homeowners can do to keep these pests at bay.

  • Keeping your lawn from collecting water and stagnating
  • Replacing water in bird-baths every week and making sure gardens and potted plants drain properly
  • Fill flood-prone areas on the property with dirt
  • Pond owners should stock it with fish or even something as simple as adding in purchasable tablets made of bacteria that only kills mosquitoes 
  • Cleaning your gutters and keeping your yard free of clutter like tires, which mosquitoes love

How Do I Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Indianapolis, IN?

Those that have a mosquito problem threatening their home or business and are looking to local pest control companies for help should contact AAA Exterminating. We have over 65 years of experience and are experts in reducing and eliminating the spread of mosquitoes. It’s time to enjoy your property and this beautiful summer weather without mosquitoes sucking all the fun out of it!