4 Tips to Keep Cockroaches Away from Your Indianapolis Home

What’s worse than waking up in the middle of the night and seeing a cockroach crawling on your ceiling? How about several cockroaches skittering across your living room floor while you and your children watch TV?

Or the worst of all, waking up in the morning to see them crawling out of your kitchen cabinets.

Cockroaches are pesky creatures that no one wants in their home or business, so here are 4 tips brought to you by AAA Exterminating, your pest control company in Indianapolis, Indiana, to keep these critters away.

1) Eliminate Standing Water

All living things need water eventually. Unfortunately, cockroaches are included in that list. This is why it is crucial to eliminate standing water in your home as much as possible.

For example, be sure to empty all standing water sources that cannot be drained, such as buckets and flower vases.

Also, fix leaky pipes and faucets as soon as you notice them dripping or leaking.

By ensuring these small details are dealt with from the beginning, you are better ensuring a cockroach-free home!

2) Seal Gaps in Doors and Windows

Before these pests even get a chance to peruse your home for water sources, ensure any potential openings that may be welcoming them in are sealed to the best of your ability.

For example, you can use a screen or net over your doors and windows to keep out roaches that might come in through these openings. You can also seal any holes in the exterior of your home with caulk, putty, caulking material, or other appropriate materials to keep roaches out of your house.

Taking these steps now, can mitigate a headache of a problem later!

3) Clean Up Your Space

This is a crucial tip that yes, seems obvious, but this is a main reason why cockroaches become an issue in the first place.

Ensure the exterior of your home is free of any debris that may attract cockroaches, like remains of food or roadkill. By keeping the outside of the home clean, it is less likely that they will lurk inside.

As for the interior of your home, be sure you are tightly sealing food items, whether they are your own or your pets. This will help prevent these pests from being drawn to your kitchen and pantries.

Yes, these do seem like self-explanatory items, but they are the cause of many pest problems!

4) Hire a Professional

It is important that you hire a professional exterminator who has the experience and qualifications to eliminate cockroaches. These pests can be very difficult to remove effectively, especially if you are not familiar with dealing with cockroaches. 

Our professionals will come in and do all of the work for you so that you don’t have to worry about it. We will also be able to identify any areas where roaches are entering your home and pinpoint other problem areas that may have caused the issue in the first place. 

Hiring an exterminator is your best bet if you want to keep roaches out of your home! 

Don’t hesitate to call AAA Exterminating, your pest control company in Indianapolis, Indiana at (317) 773-3797.