Where Do Ants Come From & How to Get Rid of Them…

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As ants stream across our counters, march along our floors, and mosey about our bathrooms, it’s hard not to visualize them as little tourists—and our home is the grand destination. But with all tourists, they tend to overstay their welcome…so how do we prevent them in the first place?

Join AAA Exterminating, a pest control company in Indianapolis, Indiana, as we detail how to stop those little tourists from entering your home!

Okay, so How Do Ants Get Into My Home in the First Place?

If one thing is for certain about ants, it’s the fact that they can enter your home through even the smallest of spaces! Here’s what to look for when stopping the entrance of ants.

#1 Windows

There’s nothing better than letting in a fresh breeze on a cool, spring day, but are we also letting in ants?

In order to stop ants from entering through windows, all windows should have a screen in place and be checked for holes. Window frames should also be checked for gaps and a buildup of moisture that could lead to rot (some species of ants seek these conditions and could set up shop there).

#2 Doors

keep your doors sealed and call aaa exterminating in indianapolis in to help prevent ants

Just as we enter and exit through doors, so can ants. Doors that are poorly sealed can become an excellent entryway for ants. One way to prevent this is to add a door sweep! You should also check doors that experience little traffic—deteriorated seals and cracks could be a cause of your ant problem.

#3 Foundation Cracks / Cracks in Walls

Though the foundation of a home is normally strong and solid, little gaps and spaces persist for a number of environmental and physical reasons. These small gaps allow the perfect opportunity for ants to come in who are seeking food and a place to shelter.

Within your home, you should also check for wall cracks and seams where the walls meet the floor or ceiling. You may notice small gaps that should be filled to prevent ants.

#4 Flooring

Whether we know it or not, ants could be using our flooring as avenues to wander about our homes. They could be traveling under our carpets, tiles, and hardwood floors in search of food. Ants can also penetrate subflooring, which usually contains plenty of space for them to crawl through.

Bye Bye, Ants

So now that we talked about the ways in which an ant can enter your home, how do you prevent them from making your home theirs? Let’s look at some tips from AAA Exterminating, a pest control company in Indianapolis with over 65 years of experience.

#1 Keep Your Kitchen Clean

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After mealtimes or food preparation, make sure to wipe down your counters and stovetops. Ants are attracted to food debris—especially sugary treats. Make sure to seal open food containers and try to keep dirty dishes out of the sink which could also attract ants.

If you have pets, rinse out their food bowls when they have finished eating to prevent ants from infiltrating their food!

#2 Caulk Outdoor Spaces

To prevent ants from entering your home, a silicone-based caulk should be used. Caulk up any gaps or cracks present on the exterior of your home to prevent ants from entering. You can also caulk around vents, windows, and baseboards—any area that is vulnerable to insect invasion.

#3 Clean Up Moisture

Just as ants search for food, they also search for a source of water. That’s why you may find ants in your bathroom or under cabinets with pipes. To help prevent ants, you should repair leaky pipes, regularly clean drains to prevent clogging, and tighten drippy faucets.

#4 Keep Your Landscaping Tidy

Ants can live in the landscaping around your home, which is why it’s important to maintain your landscape to prevent overgrowth. You should also avoid having mulch or stones right next to your home, because these materials can provide a shelter to ants and make it easier for them to come inside.

You Tried Everything…How About a Pest Control Company in Indianapolis?  

If the preventative measures aren’t working, you should contact a pest control company to help rid your home of ants!

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