Tips and Tricks: Pest Control in Indianapolis

Approaching Season Brings Lower Temperatures and Pests

Bugs. Just the sound of this word can cause an individual’s skin to crawl; however, the unfortunate reality is that our creepy crawly friends are here to stay. Wiping out the entire populace of each and every species of pest is a comforting thought but extremely unrealistic. One thing that we can do is help control it. By implementing specific treatments and strategies, we can address your pest problem. This can become a pressing dilemma as the temperatures begin to dip in the evenings, causing insects, rodents, and arachnids to seek shelter. Avoid becoming a bed and breakfast with tips and tricks from AAA Exterminating Inc, pest control in Indianapolis.

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With colder temperatures steadily approaching, we notice nature react to these weather changes. The leaves are beginning to color, birds are heading south and being replaced by other species, and the air takes on a crisp scent. With these changes taking place, it is natural that pests follow suit. In their efforts to pursue survival, many seek shelter before extreme freezes hit. Whether it is a warm log, burrowing into the ground, or the underside of a rock, these pests are ready to do what it takes to survive. It is also thanks to their survival instincts that they are coming into our homes, confirming that yes, in fact, they are cozy. Pests can enter your home and continue to live throughout the cold season and into the Spring. They also can find a warm location and prepare for hibernation. This is termed “freeze avoidance” and is commonplace among ladybugs. Other common intruders may be mice, cockroaches, and spiders.

Tips for Tricky House Guests

Not fond of these creepy guests? See the tips below to ensure you don’t have any squatters on your property!

  • Ensure your home is sealed off – Pests can enter through small holes and cracks in your home. Whether it is through a crevice that is between your garage door and floor, or an opening around a pipe entering your home, mice, and cockroaches drawn to your cozy home can squeeze right in. Re-caulking windows and door frames can be a crucial step in the process. Apart from protecting you and your family from pests, thoroughly sealing your home can also help keep your electric bill low during the winter cold!
  • Avoid being a packrat – Taking this tip quite literally, we recommend removing any clutter, and floor space kept clear. Mice venture toward areas that are left undisturbed and have a lot of nooks and crannies to disappear into. That’s why storage rooms stuffed with boxes and miscellaneous objects are the perfect location. Be sure that you keep as many items, like boxes, off the ground. Here’s another reason to keep your home decluttered!
  • Investigate for leaks on a regular basis – Avoid the risk of pest infestations by regularly checking on pipes and drains for leaks and clogs. These wet areas can be the perfect spot for pests camping out during a long winter. Routine maintenance can help keep your home free of cockroaches and other unwanted visitors.

Some of you may argue that you aren’t too afraid of the effects pests may bring; however, though they may not be frightening to you, they can be harmful to the health of you and your family. Mice and other rodents can carry diseases that may transmit to humans. Additionally, cockroaches can trigger reactions like allergies and asthma. Be sure to take action before you experience situations like these first hand! Contact AAA Exterminating for pest control in Indianapolis today!