Spring Defense Line: General Pest Control Carmel

With Spring around the corner, many can be expectant of warmer weather. However, the unfortunate truth needs to be faced as well. The sunnier skies will provide an open breeding ground for pests bouncing back from Indiana’s winter frosts. Even though Indiana’s bone-chilling temperatures do help subdue pest populations like fleas and ticks, spring begins the breeding process anew. Pets, friends, and family are once again exposed to these pests and the illnesses that come along with them. This is where general pest control Carmel services step in. In order to completely comprehend the urgency of this issue, some background information is necessary.

Pests and Pets

One of the first culprits flea and tick control Carmel, IN has seen to be commonplace in Indiana’s households are pets. If a pet goes outside and/or is coming into contact with another animal, it is very likely that they have fleas. Pets that frequent the outdoor scene, are exposed to other pets, strays, and wild animals. With these interactions, the risk of your pet bringing home unwanted guests increases significantly. Despite not having wings, fleas are known for their ability to jump, approximately 13 inches horizontally, enabling them to land directly onto a furry friend. Ticks not only can be transferred from organism to organism but pets can also pick them up simply by walking through bushes and tall grasses.

Fleas, Friends, and Family

As pets are welcomed back into their homes, the intrusion begins. Even though fleas are not as common in humans as they are on animals, they can still be an issue. When treating a pet for fleas or ticks, the pests will attempt to cling to any source of warm blood. Unfortunately, this criteria encompasses the entire human race. Even if households do not have pets, fleas can be found on rats, mice, and birds. This means that if any of these critters are in the vicinity of a household, there is a chance that fleas may be present as well. Similar to the case of pets, humans can pick up ticks by simply walking through underbrush or tall, grassy areas where the pests may inhabit.

Ticks and Risks �

These unwanted guests not only cause itchy discomfort, but they are also exposing pets, friends, and family to illnesses and diseases. In some instances, these unwanted inhabitants have had fatal effects like the past Black Plague.

Some potential effects of fleas and ticks that can be contracted by humans and animals are as follow:

  • Murine Typhus – Source: Fleas – Contracted through the bite wound, this illness may result in headache, fever, and nausea.
  • Tapeworms – Source: Fleas – Contracted by swallowing an infected flea, this illness results in tapeworms taking residence in the host’s intestine track.
  • Lyme Disease – Source: Ticks – Enters the body through the bite of an infected tick. Starting out as fever, headache and fatigue, if left untreated, the disease can affect the joints, heart, and nervous system.

Flea and tick control Carmel, IN can help put these pesky pest worries to rest.

Putting Pests in their Place

Several steps can be taken to help fight off fleas and ticks. By keeping the land surrounding a household free of underbrush and tall grasses, the area decreases in its capacity to house ticks. This also depletes animals, who may potentially have fleas, from a hiding place. Some owners comb through pets’ fur and may even trim long-haired animals. Vacuuming carpets and rugs on a weekly basis also help fight unwanted pests from taking residence in homes. If you believe your home has been exposed to fleas or ticks, please contact (317) 773-3797 for general pest control Carmel.