Tiger Centipede

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The Tiger Centipede is most commonly a resident of the American Southwest and Northern Mexico. These centipedes are venomous and cause a painful sting when they bite. This can be problematic with small children and people with allergies. Those that are bitten should be closely watched, and medical attention may be necessary. Contact AAA Exterminating…

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While not being any physical threat to humans, Snails are a real nuisance when it comes to the vegetation in and around your home. They thrive in areas with plenty of moisture, and they rarely come out on sunny days, as they are always struggling to retain body moisture.

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creepy crawl your way over the . the aaa exterminating pest library and learn more about the millepede

Millipedes are arthropods that are characterized by their two long leg segments. They may be found under dead leaves or grass clippings. They especially love damp areas because of the moisture it provides, so they tend to dwell in crawl spaces such as basements, ceilings, or sliding windows. Millipedes are beneficial because they remove dead…

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Field Cricket

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Field Crickets are most typically a nuisance when they gather in groups and perform their famous chirping songs. They feed on plant material, so if you have a garden or potted plants to protect, you’ll want to keep this particular pest at bay.

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There is an urban legend of Earwigs causing people to become mad after it crawls into the brain. Though this pest may look creepy, they are harmless. Earwigs are known to have a brown or black shell with a hard pincher used to defend itself. They are nocturnal insects usually found outside but may come…

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the pentatomid is also known as the stink bug, as aaa exterminating explains in their pest library

Much more commonly referred to as stink bugs or shield bugs, these are a season-long pest in orchards. While some of these species are beneficial to crops and are predatory to other pests, the species in North America are among some of the most common pests around. The brown marmorated stink bug is common in…

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the cicada is just one of the many species you can discover in the aaa exterminating pest library

Known for their distinctive noise made by males for mating purposes, cicadas are easily identifiable insects across the globe. The North American species can live anywhere from 12-17 years and are often not harmful to people or property. However, during times when huge numbers of nymphs are being hatched, they occasionally cause damage to plants…

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