5 Tips to Keep Pests Away This Spring in Indianapolis, Indiana

As the weather in Indianapolis, Indiana starts to warm up, many pests emerge in search of food and shelter. Unfortunately, this is a significant nuisance for homeowners and business owners. 

To help you keep these pests away this Spring, we’ve compiled 5 tips you can implement with or without the help of a professional pest control company. Read on to learn more about how to keep your Indianapolis, Indiana home or business pest-free this season.
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be sure to check your windows for cracks to avoid pests in indianapolis

1) Check for Gaps and Cracks Around Doors and Windows

When the weather starts to warm up in the springtime, pests are known to look for ways to get into your home. Checking around windows and doors is a great way to prevent these critters from getting inside. Start by inspecting both the inside and outside of your windows and doors. Look for gaps or cracks that can be used as an entry point. 

If you find any openings, seal them with a silicone caulk or weather stripping to prevent pests from entering. 

2) Inspect Screens for Holes and Tears

It is also essential to inspect your window and door screens this spring. If holes or tears exist, they can become an easy access point for unwanted pests. Also, check for damage before the warm weather to ensure your screens are in good condition.

Replacing the screen is best if you find tears or holes. Doing so will help keep insects out of your home. Take measurements of the damaged screen before purchasing a new one. This will ensure size and fit for your window or door.

If you don’t have the time or knowledge to inspect and repair the screens, you can always hire a professional exterminator to come out and take care of the problem. They can check all of your windows and doors to ensure they are properly sealed and free of any damage that could allow insects in.

3) Keep Your Yard Clean and Free of Debris

A clean and clutter-free yard is essential for preventing pests in Indianapolis this Spring. Remove piles of debris or anything that can be used to shelter pests, like leaves, twigs, and grass clippings, as soon as possible. Additionally, be sure to mow your lawn regularly, as it will help keep pests from hiding in the tall grass.

If you have any mulch around your home, it’s best to keep it at least 18 inches away from your foundation. This will prevent rodents and other pests from using it as a hiding place. Also, keep your firewood and other yard items stored away from your home and off the ground.

Finally, make sure your gutters are clean and free of debris. Clogged drains can create standing water pools, attracting mosquitoes and other pests. Monitor your gutters throughout the year and ensure they’re correctly maintained.

4) Remove Standing Water

remove standing water from your home in order to prevent pests

Standing water is one of the main attractions for pests in Indianapolis, Indiana, during the Spring season. Mosquitoes and other flying insects can lay their eggs in standing water, providing a place for their larvae to develop and hatch. To prevent this from happening, it’s essential to remove any standing water around your home. 

This includes checking gutters and downspouts for clogs and ensuring they are draining correctly. You should also check items like buckets, toys, tires, and plant pots for water accumulation. If you have bird baths or ponds, keep them clean and debris-free to discourage mosquito breeding. If you have a swimming pool, keep the chlorine levels balanced and cover the pool when unused.

5) Call a Professional Exterminator

If you’re having trouble controlling pests in your home, it’s best to call a professional exterminator. Exterminators in Indianapolis, Indiana, are trained to identify and eliminate common pests quickly and efficiently. They can provide personalized advice on preventing further infestations and often provide you with a warranty for their services. In addition, professional exterminators have access to the latest and most effective treatments available, which means you can be sure that any pest problem is handled swiftly.

When choosing an exterminator, make sure to do your research and find someone who is reliable and experienced. Ask about their training and certifications, read customer reviews, and compare their rates with local companies. Once you’ve chosen an exterminator, they will visit your home and inspect it for any signs of pests. If they find any evidence of an infestation, they will create a customized treatment plan based on the type of pest and the severity of the issue.

By enlisting the help of a professional exterminator, you can ensure that your home remains free of pests all spring and summer long. Be sure to contact us, AAA Exterminating, at (317) 773-3797 or contact us on our website.