Wolf Spider

Ever see a massive spider and assume it was a tarantula? There is a substantial chance that it was actually a wolf spider. Wolf spiders are often mistaken for tarantulas due to their large, hairy bodies. Despite their intimidating presence, these arachnids come in handy when dealing with other pests. Naturally a hunter, the wolf spider pounces on its prey instead of using a typical spider web to ensnare insects. They will consume things like grasshoppers, beetles, and even other spiders. It is uncommon for wolf spiders to bite a human unless threatened. The bite will not usually affect a healthy adult; however, if it bites a child or individual with a weak immune system, effects may be more serious. Wolf spiders are found in areas like leaf piles, tall grassy clearings, and under lumber or rocks. To escape the extreme weather, they may wander into your home. If you find that you have a wolf spider predicament, don’t hesitate to call AAA!