Get Rid of Winter Pests

keep rodents out of your home this winter with aaa exterminating in indianapolis

As winter approaches, we tend to hunker down in our homes. We spend more time watching movies and cozying up, and less time in the great outdoors.

While inside, we tend to notice more insects too…

There are many reasons that insects find their way into your home in the winter. As colder temperatures arrive, insects feel the need to seek shelter in warmer places, especially if they’re looking to stay alive through the cold months. Without human intervention, they might find their way into your living spaces or bedrooms! 

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep these winter pests at bay so you can enjoy your holiday season without thinking about them! 

Join AAA, a pest control company in Indianapolis, Indiana to learn more about winter pests and prevention!

Why do insects enter our homes?

As fall ends and winter begins, insects like spiders and ants start to look for warmer places to live. This can sometimes lead them into our homes, where they will find cracks and holes through which they can enter. 

Though spiders aren’t known for spreading diseases like mosquitoes or fleas do, they can still create an unwanted pest problem inside your home. To prevent these winter pests from entering your home—you should hire a professional extermination service in Indianapolis, IN.

How can I prevent pests from entering my home?

keep your kitchen free from crumbs and spills to prevent pests

The easy answer is you can’t… 

There are just too many ways that pests, both winter and non-winter species, can enter your home—and once they do, there’s no guarantee they’ll leave. However, there are a few things you can do to prevent them from hanging around for longer than they should. 

For instance:

  • Try not to leave dishes sitting in your sink overnight
  • Clean up food scraps after dinner
  • Store food properly in airtight containers in order to avoid attracting rodents
  • Seal holes around windows with weather stripping or caulk (or better yet, window screens), etc. 

These may seem like obvious tips, but you’d be surprised at how often these small details get overlooked. In addition, it pays to start monitoring for pests as soon as possible rather than waiting until they have already taken over your home.

What kinds of pests can I expect to see this time of year?

aaa exterminating in indianapolis is trained to kill cockroaches

Some pests are seasonal, meaning they only appear at certain times of year. These winter pests include mice, termites, carpenter ants, spiders, and cockroaches. To protect your home from damage caused by these insects in cold weather, contact a local pest control service for professional help with pest control. 

Since most exterminators use humane methods to get rid of pests without killing them—such as trapping or baiting—there’s no need to worry about harming furry little creatures with poisoned bait.

How should I identify the pest?

spot the signs of pest intruders by looking for spider webs

Identifying pests is easy if you know what you’re looking for. At home, look for signs of pest infestation, such as: 

  • Moldy or chewed food in your pantry
  • Droppings around sinks and drains
  • Insects scurrying across floors and walls
  • Sticky cobwebs on corners. 

These are all signs that you have unwanted guests. In more extreme cases, you may see a more active pest—ants marching across countertops or cockroaches crawling on walls—but these cases indicate a full-blown infestation. In any case, it’s always smart to call an exterminator once you spot a pest. They can assess your situation and devise a plan to get rid of them effectively so they don’t come back.

What should I do if I need pest control services?

If you’re having issues with any sort of pests, such as roaches, ants, spiders or termites, it’s important to get rid of them. Winter is a common time for insect infestations because insects move indoors in search of warmth and shelter from extreme temperatures. 

However, winter pest control services can get rid of these unwanted pests and keep your home pest-free during cold months. 
For help with personalized winter pest control, contact AAA Exterminating. With over 65 years of experience in the pest control industry, AAA can handle your pest problem quickly and efficiently! Avoid further discomfort by scheduling an appointment today or by calling (317) 773-3797!