5 Essential Tips to Protect Your Home From Fleas this Spring

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For those of us who live in the colder regions of the country, springtime brings with it milder weather and blooming flowers in our yards and on trees! But warmer weather also means that fleas will be coming out of hiding and seeking new places to reside.

To keep your home free from pesky pests, follow these 5 essential tips from AAA Exterminating, a pest control company in Indianapolis, to protect your home from fleas this spring.

1) Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming carpets, rugs, and upholstery regularly is a must when it comes to flea control. If you have large pets or many family members in your home, frequent vacuuming may not be enough. Consider renting a vacuum that is specially designed for sucking fleas out of carpets and other places they hide. 

Even if you don’t see any signs of fleas, regular vacuuming can help reduce future infestations. It’s also important to empty your vacuum after each use and clean it thoroughly with hot water and soap so that any eggs left behind won’t hatch into new adult fleas.

2) Prepare the Yard

keeping your yard mowed can help prevent a flea infestation

Before you start trying any flea-control product, make sure your yard is clean. Debris that collects on your property can attract fleas—and an infestation is much harder to eliminate if they’re already inhabiting your yard. Make sure all of your leaves are swept away and that your gutters are in good shape. If there are trees around, make sure their branches don’t touch your house and clog up your gutters with debris over time.

Remove any dead grass or weeds from your lawn, as these are ideal spots for fleas to breed. Also keep in mind that fleas will often hop from one home to another via a family pet, so it’s important to make sure your pet has a healthy diet and regular checkups at the vet.

3) Keep Pets Indoors

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Pets (particularly dogs) can act as hosts for fleas, so it’s important that they stay indoors during flea season. That way, you’ll avoid any damage your pet could do to your home if it comes in contact with fleas outside. Additionally, keeping pets inside will protect them from coming into contact with other animals that may be carrying fleas. 

4) Consider Natural Flea Control

Chemical flea control can be toxic, especially if you have a pet with sensitive skin. Consider more natural options like essential oils or sprays containing all-natural enzymes that break down proteins in a flea’s exoskeleton, causing them to dehydrate and die. If you’re worried about side effects, check with your veterinarian before using such products on your pet.

5) Get Professional Help 

There are plenty of flea-control products on store shelves, but there’s nothing like professional help. Always enlist a highly reviewed pest control company in Indianapolis when it comes to infestations. Their equipment can be more powerful than anything you have in your cabinet and their techniques are safer for pets and children—both of which you should consider before applying any kind of pesticide product around your home. 

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