Fend Off Rats & Disease with Indianapolis Rodent Control

For centuries, rats have carried pathogens and have been infected with diseases that are transferable to humans. If rats have entered your home at any time, it is crucial to contact rodent control in Indianapolis, Indiana to assist in their removal. Rats pose a serious threat to your health because they can cause diseases directly and indirectly. They can cause diseases directly, as they (and their feces) may contain pathogens. When humans come into contact with these pathogens, contracting a disease, such as rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, or salmonellosis, is possible. Rats can also cause human diseases indirectly by carrying infected fleas, ticks, or mites that are then transferred to a human. Their ability to spread diseases indirectly can have considerable effects, such as with the Black Death, which ultimately led to the death of one-third of Europe’s population.

Rats and the Black Death�

The Black Death was the effect of the bubonic plague or Yersinia pestis. This disease was present in fleas. Rats carried these infected fleas, which led to the disease being transmitted to humans as the rats came into contact with humans. The Black Death was exacerbated by the rats indirectly infecting humans and spreading the disease throughout Europe. The Black Death was thought to have originated in Asia, making its way via trade routes to Europe by October 1347.

Once infected with the disease, symptoms appeared usually within one to six days. Symptoms included buboes, fever, chills, extreme fatigue, shock, gangrene, vomiting, diarrhea, and bleeding from the mouth, nose, or under your skin. The lack of advanced medical care and knowledge in the 14th century kept the cause and cure of the Black Death to remain unknown to society. The prevention methods and medical practices they did attempt often had adverse effects. For example, the Black Death brought about the flagellants. As the plague spread and the death toll rose, while many tried to avoid the sick. In some cities, as soon as someone was thought to be ill, the person’s home was boarded up with the people inside it. As a method of prevention, Venice isolated ships for 40 days before unloading — creating the term quarantine. The rapid spread and devastating effects of the Black Death led to societal upheaval. The bubonic plague, Yersinia pestis, is still present today, although the advancement of society and medicine has prevented it from spreading and advancing as it once did.

Avoid Health Risks with Rodent Control

Although the bubonic plague is no longer widespread, rats still pose a serious threat to your health and home. Rats will chew on most things — wood, furniture, insulation, etc. If a rat chews on insulation that is close to electrical wires, there is a possibility of a fire starting. As the rat travels throughout your home, urine and fecal droppings will follow — which will attract even more rats to your home. Urine and fecal droppings are not only damaging to your floors and furnishings but also pose serious health risks. If you spot a rat in your home, contact AAA Exterminating for rodent control in Indianapolis, Indiana at � (317) 773-3797.