Tips for Keeping Your Pumpkins Fresh This Halloween

keep your pumpkins fresh this halloween with tips from aaa exterminating

As you drive through your neighborhood on the way to work, you’re met with an old, familiar fall sight—pumpkins. Pumpkins as far as the eye can see! 

From the typical smiling face with the triangle eyes, to the intricate, spooky designs, you get to see a broad mixture of creativity and talent…and decay. 

The more you look, the more you begin to notice those sad, slumped pumpkins. Some have been infested with bugs, and others look like they tried to fight off a slew of squirrels. With your own pumpkins waiting at home to be carved, you begin to wonder, “how can I keep my pumpkins fresh?”

Well guess what. AAA Exterminating has some answers. 

Apart from being pest extermination ninjas, AAA also knows a thing or two about keeping pumpkins fresh and critter free all season long. Join a pest control company in Indianapolis, Indiana on a quest to keep your pumpkins beautiful this Halloween.

Tip #1 Placement, Placement, Placement

keep bugs away from your pumpkins with an exterminating company in indianapolis indiana

Who knew that carefully placing your pumpkin could make all the difference when preventing a bug attack? Flying bugs tend to float with the wind, which means if your pumpkin is placed in the breeze’s way, insects can have an easy opportunity finding your pristine pumpkin. Placing your pumpkin out of the wind can also prevent damage from October storms and heavy winds—keeping your pumpkin fresher for longer. 

Tip #2 Remove Those Guts

remove pumpkin guts to keep your pumpkin fresher for longer

Possibly the least enjoyable part of carving pumpkins is removing all of the guts—but it is necessary! 

We get it, there’s something super uncomfortable about the cold, slimy interior that seems to stick to your fingers! And we’re here to tell you that even when you think you’re done, you should probably take another go at it…

Once you have removed all of the big chunks and seeds, you should scrape the interior walls with a spoon to remove hanging strands and additional moisture. The drier your pumpkin is, the less attractive it will be to curious pests. Removing moisture also slows the rotting process, since bacteria thrive in moist places!

Tip #3 Apply Vinegar to Your Pumpkin

To help stop squirrels from ravishing your pumpkins, we suggest pouring a small amount of white vinegar around its base. 

White vinegar is a great natural repellent because of its potent smell. This can help drive squirrels away, and it can also keep other pests such as ants at bay.

In addition to pouring the vinegar around the base, you can also apply a light amount to the pumpkin with a washrag to prevent pests. Make sure not to soak the pumpkin, because the acid within the vinegar could damage the pumpkin’s external skin.  

Tip #4 Hello, Petroleum Jelly 

We bet you’re used to using petroleum jelly on your dry hands in the winter, but did you know it can also double as a squirrel repellent?

Before you put your pumpkin outside on display, rub a thick layer of petroleum jelly on its surface. Squirrels hate sticky surfaces and won’t try to nibble on the pumpkin’s skin! The petroleum coat should last all season and withstand rain, but it’s important to regularly check your pumpkin in case another coat is needed. 

Tip #5 Call a Pest Control Company in Indianapolis, Indiana

if you have mice in your indianapolis home call aaa exterminating

As you watch pests march around your pumpkins, you notice that they are awfully close to your house…

Just like you protected your pumpkin, it’s time to protect your home. 

With fall setting in, pests like cockroaches, spiders, and mice are migrating into homes to escape the upcoming harsh winter weather. This means that places such as attics, basements, and damp areas like underneath sinks could become the perfect new home… Looks like you could use some help. 

We like to say, the best defense is a strong offense. 

To help prep your home for the winter, call a pest control company in Indianapolis, Indiana. At AAA Exterminating, we can inspect your home and provide treatments to take care of those common pests before they become a problem. Contact us at (317) 773-3797 to get started or send us a message here